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The San Francisco, a three masted barque of 450 tons (nm) was built in Bjornberg, Sweden in 1846 and was owned by J C Godeffroy & Sons.

Under the command of C R Kramer, she departed Hamburg on 15th June 1850 and arrived in South Australia on 14th October 1850.

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Passenger List

No official passenger list has been located for the San Francisco.  The list below is based on a list that appears in the Mattners in Australia [1]  Additional information comes from South Australians 1836-1885[6 ] and several web sites.

CRAMER [1,4] C R

CAPLAN [2,4]

Cabin Passengers

J M, merchand from Hamburg
Miss Sophie, from Hamburg
RÜTHNING [1,3,4]
Johann Friedrich  Ludwig (b 1905) hatmaker from Paderborn

Friedricke Marianne Christine nee BACHMANN (b ca 1816)
.....Heinrich Ludwig Eduard (b 1841)

.....Charlotte Dorothea Elisabeth (1838)
C H, merchant from Neustadt
ZIRCK [1,4]


Steerage Passengers (total 240)

ANDRISKE [2] Johann Friedrich (b 1825)
AHRENSTEIN [1,2] Adolph, merchant from Hamburg





AHRENSTEIN [1] Friedrich, merchant from Lippstadt

ARNSBERG [1] J M, merchant from Hamburg.
BANDHOLZ [1,2] Friedrich, carpenter from Kiel.
BECKER [1,2] Friedrich August (b 1821) wheelwright from Leipzig

Dorothea nee WOLTER
BINDER [1,2] Johann Carl August (b 1825) mason from Grenitz
BRAUNACK [1,2] Friedrich Wilhelm (b 1788) clothmaker from Tirschtiegel, Posen

Johanne Beate nee HOFFMANN (b 1794)

.....Carl Heinrich Wilhelm (b 1818)

.....Gotthilf Hermann (b 1832)
ERICHSEN [1] Johanna from Altona.
FINDEISEN [1] CC.. teacher from Markkleeberg.
FISCHER [1,2,6] Johann Christian Friedrich (b 1814) shepherd from Osteritz

Johanne Luise nee PETRAS (b 1820)

.....child (b 1844)

.....Anna Eleonore (b 1846)

.....Johanne Louise (b 1849)
FROMM [1,2] Gottlieb (b 1821) tailor from Millostow

Auguste Dorothea nee BRAUNACK (b 1823, daughter of Friedrich Wilhelm)
GASSON [1] Johann (b ca 1804) farmer from Tornow

Maria nee SCHENALZE (b ca 1811)
.....Elisabeth (b 1835)
GOMALLA [1,2] Matthes, farmer from Ganrow.
GORMANN [1,2] Johann (b 1824) farmer from Tornow.

Ann nee GASSON (b 1825)

.....Martin (b 1847)

.....child (0 5)

.....child (0 5)
GRABASCH [1] Louise from Muschten.
HANEL [1] Carl, saddler from Libau.
HEMMERLING [1] J F, farmer from Muschten


.....three children (3 10)
HONDOW [2] Martin (b 1834, son of Anna NOACK formerly HONDOW)
HUBENER [1] Gottlieb, farmer from Zirchau

HUPPATZ [1,2] Johann (b ca 1816) shoemaker from Tauer, Lower Silesia

Anna nee SONKE (b 1816)

.....Friedrich Richard (b 1838)

.....Martin (b 1841)

.....Friedrich Wilhelm (b 1844)

.....Friedrich August (b 1847)

.....four children (2 11)
IRMLER [1,2] Johann Friedrich (b 1807) farmer from Sawade, Prussia

Eva Maria nee BARRIEN (b 1809)

.....Johanne Ernestine (b 1841)

.....Johanne Pauline (b 1845)

.....Johanne Caroline (b 1849)
IRMLER [1,2] Georg, farmer from Sawade, Prussia

Anna Dorothea
KALCKWITZ [1,2] Wilhelm, farmer from Schmölen

.....Johanne Louisa (17)
KILIAN [1.2] Christian (b 1817) farmer from Tauer

Maria nee JURBAN (b 1816)

.....Johann (b ca 1845)

.....child (3 7)

.....child (3 7)

.....child (3 7)
KLOCKE [1.2] Gottlieb, wheelwright from Kay, Prussia


.....two children (0¬-5)
KOCH [1,2] Michael, shoemaker from Kracau
KOOPMANN [1] Gottlieb, tailor from Wismar.
KURTZE [1,2] Johann Samuel (b 1810) carpenter from Brausendorf


.....child (5)

KURTZE [1,2] Johann Wilhelm (b 1817) farmer from Brausendorf

Johanne Dorothea Elisabeth nee GEU (b 1826)

.....Johanne Luise (b 1849)
LEHMANN [1,2] Johann Gottlieb (b 1821) from Muschten

Johanne Eleonore nee ROTHE (b 1820)

.....Johanne Eleonore (b 1849)
LEWELS [1] Carl Johann, distiller from Hamburg.
MATHIES [1] Catherina M from Hamburg.
MATICKE [1] Samuel, farmer from Schmölen


.....three children (7 11)
MATTNER [1,2] Johann Gottfried (b 1812) farmer from Kay

Anna Maria nee ZUCKER (b 1816)
.....Johann Gottlieb (b 1841)

.....Johanne Louise (b 1844)

.....Friedrich Wilhelm (b 1946)

.....Johann Friedrich (b 1850)
MEINCKE [1,2] Johann, farmer from Boitzenburg.
MINGE [1,2] Johann August (b 1830) farmer from Müllershausen
MEYER [1] Wilhelm, joiner from Zagajewitzky, Prussia
MÜLLER [1,2] Johann Samuel (b 1803) tailor from Tirschtiegel, Posen

.....Anna Rosine (b ca 1828)
.....Anna Maria Erdmuthe (b 1833)

.....Karl Heinrich (b 1834)

.....Karl Samuel (b 1840)

.....Karl Eduard Andreas (b 1844)

Juliane Eleonore nee BRAUNACK (b 1821, second wife, daughter of Friedrich Wilhelm)
Heinrich, tailor from Bowitz

Martin armer from Tauer


.....child (2)


.....Anna (6); from Tauer
NOACK [1,2] Johann (b 1815) from Tauer

Anna NOWSCH formerly HONDOW (b 1809)

.....Friedrich (b 1848)
NOWSCH [2] Maria (b 1839, daughter of Anna NOACK formerly NOWSCH)
PARDE [1] August, wheelwright from Muschten
PATZEL [1,2] Johannes Gottlieb (b 1794)

Anna Rosina nee NEUGEBAUER (b 1802)

.....Johann Carl August (b 1826)

.....Johann Wilhelm Ernst (b 1826)

.....Johanna Helena (b 1832)

.....Anna Dorothea (b ca 1833)

.....Maria Pauline (b ca 1834)

.....Johanna Louisa Christina (b 1837)
POCK [1] Gottlieb, farmer from Kay


.....two children
RAMM [1,2] Johann Daniel (b 1809) farmer from Gutabschied, Posen

Juliane nee STOSSEL (b 1818)

.....Ernestine Wilhelmine (b 1839)

.....Juliane (b 1842)

.....Johanne Bertha Louise (b 1844)

.....Carl August (b 1847)

.....Maria auguste (b 1850)
REIMANN [1,7] Johann Gottlob, shepherd from Muschten, Zullichau

Anna Elizabeth nee WENZEL

.....Johanne Eleonore (b 1823)

.,...Anna Elizabeth (b ca 1826)
.....Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (b 1832)
RICHSTEIG [1,2] Johann Georg, farmer from Kuschten

Johanne Louise nee LENKEN




.....Johanne Wilhelmine (b 1850)
RICHTER [1] E.G., shepherd from Cottbus.
ROEDI(N)GER [1] Friederike from Berlin

.....five children (10-21)
ROY [1,2,3] Johann Carl Ferdinand (b 1815) shoemaker from Tirschtiegel, Posen

Johanna Julia nee KAHL (b 1822)

.....Christina Lydia (b 1848)
ROESLER [1] Johann Friedrich August (Wilhelm?), farmer from Neubauroh

Johanna Juliane nee FISCHER?
.....Wilhelmine Juliane (b 1844)

.....5 children (0-12)
RUGE [1] Christian, shoemaker from Muschten


.....son (14)
SAEGENSCHNITTER [1.2] Johann Gottlieb (b 1823) farmer from Scharky.
SCHAEFFER [2] Johann Christian (b 1838) farmer from Nekla, Posen
SCHAEPE [1,2] Johann Christian (b 1805) farmer from Sawade, Silesia

Johanne Rosine nee KOWALD (b 1811)

.....Johanne Elisabeth (b 1837)

.....Johanne Rosine (b 1840)

.....Johanne Louise (b 1843)

.....Johanne Helene (b 1847)
SCHMERL [1,2] Johann Gottfried (b 1820) farmer from Deutsch Kessel

Helene nee NITSCHKE (b 1818)

.....Anna Auguste (b 1849)
SCHRODER [1] J G, joiner from Möckern


.....four children
Friedrich, farmer from Muschten


.....small child
SCHULTZ [1] Gottlob, shepherd from Muschten


.....son (13)
SCHUTZ [1] Mathias, farmer from Bobitz.
SEMMLER [1,2] Johann George (b 1808) farmer from Heerde

Anna Maria nee ZARNACK

.....Johann Carl August (b 1837)



STENKE [1] Gottfried, miller, Wilhelm, miller from Kay

Anna, Rosina

.....four children (5 15) also servant girl Louise.
STURZEL [1] Carl, farmer from Schmbllen.
UPLEGGER [1] J E G, farmer from Neu Treptow.
VOIGT [1] Robert G, from Ehrenberg
VORWERK [1] Gottfried, shoemaker from Langheinersdorf


.....five children
WENSKE [1] Gottlob, farmer from Muschten


.....child (3)
WOLFF [1] Christian, shepherd from Osteritz


.....three children (6-17)
WUNDERSITZ [1,2] Johann Friedrich Carl (b 1817) farmer from Ritschutz

Johanne Friedricke nee SCHUBERT (b 1811)

.....Hermann Reinhold (b 1836)

.....Gustav Ferdinand (b 1839)

.....Auguste Bertha (b 1843)
ZAHNLEITER [1] Phillip, mason from Käferthal

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Newspaper Reports

South Australian Register
15 Oct 1850


Monday, October 14 - ...
  Same day - The barque San Francisco, 800 tons, Kramer, master, from Hamburg 23rd June.  240 passengers - Dr M. Caplan, Miss S. Richter, and J.M. Amsberg, in the cabin; Dorothea Zirck and child, C H Teleman, F L Rüthning wife and two children, in the intermediate; and T G Schröder wife anf four children, FA Becker, C G A Mittheke wife and three children, G Patzel wife and two children ...

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