Ancestors of Wilhelm Conrad Lehmann and Louise Hulda Henschke
Graeme Moad
last modified 20 April 2016
This file details the ancestors of my grandparents Wilhelm Conrad Lehmann (WCL) and Louise Hulda Henschke (LHH) who emigrated from various parts of Prussia to South Australia in the period 1837-1848 to settle in the Barossa Valley of South Australia.    It has grown to contain much information on numerous families related to WCL and LHH.

They arrived on:
Place Settled
the South Australian in 1837
the Zebra in 1838
the Prince George in 1838
the Catharina in 1839
the Skjold in 1841 

also Johann Christian Henschke

the Leontine in1848

Wilhelm Conrad lehmann and Louise Hulda Henschke
Wilhelm Conrad Lehmann and Louise Hulda Henschke

The listing of descendants has been truncated at my grandfather's generation to place a finite limit on the document and avoid some of the concerns of those now living.

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