Ancestors of James Benjamin Stephens and Jane Elizabeth Pharo

last modified 7 February 2013

This file details the ancestors of my wife's maternal  great grandparents James Benjamin Stephens and Jane Elizabeth Pharo.  It also summarises the descendants of various families related to JBS and JEP who emigrated from various parts of the UK to Australia in the period 1853-1885.

the South Sea in 1853
Matthew Stephens, Elizabeth (nee Bennett) and family Clearwell, Gloucestershire
the South Sea in 1853 William Thomas Bennett Stephens (son of Matthew and Elizabeth)
Clearwell, Gloucestershire
the Tudor in 1857
William Parkhouse Webber, Jane (nee Oxland) and family Devon
the Tudor in 1857 Ellen Webber (daughter of William and Jane) Cove, Devon
the Bombay in 1885 Aaron Pharo, Susannah (nee Jurd) and family Chertsey, Surrey
the Bombay in 1885 Jane Elizabeth Pharo (daughter of Aaron and Susannah)
Wandsworth, Surrey

James and Jenny Stephens




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