Hoffnungsthal, South Australia

Lutheran Church

  1. Lutheran congregation from 1847-1867.  Lutheran church built 1847.  Services moved to St Jakobi Lutheran Church, Lyndoch and Trinity Lutheran Church, Rowland Flat.


  1. Hoffnungsthal Historic Cemetery
    Lyndoch Hoffnungsthal Cemetery - Burial Register (Gravesecrets)
    Hoffnungsthal Lutheran Cemetery (Australian Cemeteries)
    Lyndoch Hoffnungsthal Cemetery (Grave Secrets)


History - Early Settlers

Hoffnungsthal, Valley of Hope (Flinders Ranges Research)

Hoffnungsthal - Settlement near Lyndoch established ca 1847.  After prolonged torrential rain, the area was flooded in October 1853 and, while a few remained in the area [9], most left over the next few years and the settlement was finally abandoned.  The Hoffnungsthal Lutheran church, which was built on higher ground, continued to serve the community until 1867.  Under the Nomenclature Act of 1917 many German place names in the Barossa Valley were changed; Hoffnungsthal was changed to Kirrawarra.  The name Hoffnungsthal was restored in 1975.

Hoffnungsthal Memorial, 2002