Mannum, South Australia

Mannum - Mannum is the administrative center for Mid-Murray Council, which includes the river towns of Mannum, Swan Reach, Blanchetown and Morgan as well as the towns of Truro, Palmer and Tungkillo.  The council was formed in 1997 from the amalgamation of the former District Councils of Mannum, Morgan, Ridley-Truro and part of the District Council of Mount Pleasant.


  1. St Martin Lutheran Church (79 Cliff St)
    Congregations (Mannum Lutheran Parish)
    St Martin's Lutheran Church, Mannum, Murraylands Region, South Australia

  2. Mannum Baptist Church (32 William St)
    Mannum Baptist Church

  3. St Andrew Anglican Church (4 Adelaide Rd)
    St Andrews Anglican Church, Mannum, Murraylands Region, South Australia

  4. Assemblies of God (3 Greening St)

  5. Mannum Uniting Church (Walker Ave)


  1. Mannum Cemetery (Belvedere Road, Mannum)
    Mannum Unmarked Graves (Australian Cemeteries)
    Headstone List (Australian Cemeteries)
    Mannum Cemetery (German headstones)
    Cemeteries (Mid Murray Council)


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